Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On Defunding ObamaCare

PPACA (ObamaCare) is a network of state run health exchanges. The Exchanges are mandated and regulated at the Federal Government, but run by the states.

The Health Exchanges are an idea that came from the Right. The idea was that, if we forced everyone into health exchanges, we might be able to overcome some of the most egregious flaws of the insurance industry.

Republicans love the insurance industry and are happy to sell our God-given liberties to insurance lobbyists whenever the insurance lobbyists pull out the checkbook.

 The Health Exchanges are actually quite regressive. The laws will force everyone to buy into captured these exchanges which will result in the transfer of billions of dollars from the middle class to the ruling class the runs the exchanges.

The healt exchanges are inherently regressive. To make the exchanges appear progressive, Obama added a massive increase in social spending with the exchanges.

The exchanges are being implemented at the state level as we speak.

There is currently a push to Defund ObamaCare. I support this effort and signed the petition.

The problem I see is, that if we remove the social spending, we will be left with the regressive exchanges. These exchanges will transfer billions from the working and middle class to the ruling class. By creating a program that transfers billions from workers and small business to the cronies that run the exchanges the defunded health exchanges are likely to level a death blow against thousands of small businesses.

Don't you see the problem? PPACA is a collection of regressive health exchanges (run at the state level) coupled with some social spending to offset inherent problems with the exchanges.

Defunding ObamaCare will leave us with corrupt state run health exchanges which will transfer billings of dollars for small business and workers to a corrupt ruling class.

For the freedom movement to save the American Experiment in Self Rule, people in the movement will have to do something radical.

People in the freedom movement will have to come up with an alternative mechanism.

I happen to have developed an alternative to insurance called the Medical Savings and Loan.

For five years, I've been on my knees begging for a small group of people to get together for an afternoon to discuss alternatives to the exchanges.

I live in the most Conservative State in the Nation. With the possible exception of Tehran and Saudi Arabia, Utah just might be the most conservative place on the planet.

In five years, all I've learned is that Conservatives really are closed-minded people that the dictionary describes. Apparently conservatism really is nothing more than a belief in a closed society with a debased ruling class shutting out all ideas.

I live in Salt Lake City. I'm not Mormon. I've lived here since the 1970s, and have come to accept that closed-minded intolerant people incapable of engaging in civil discourses.

I spent ten thousand dollars traveling to Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix and Denver ... hoping beyond reasonable that someone on this planet has enough love for the freedom our forefathers fought to defend might be willing to engage in the radical act of discussing the mathematics of health.

I know. Math is so scary. The are ten digits in the decimal system and hopeless complex operations like addition, subtraction and ratios.

The presentation involves really complex math: The actual presentation involves taking the sum of columns of numbers and calculating ratios.

I confess, the original model involved calculus, combinatorics (aka probability) and topology. I removed the complex for a really clean model.

I actually have one dollar in my pocket and things I can sell. If I sleep out, I figure I could safely travel 750 miles from Salt Lake.

The Freedom Movement could be doing better than this pathetic effort to Defund ObamaCare.

The entrenched reluctance of conservatives to discuss the issue of funding health care has me convinced that the end game of the Republicans, from the beginning, has been to impose a system of health exchanges with no social benefits to offset the concentration of power.

If there was a group within 750 miles of Salt Lake willing to discuss health care, I would pack my bags and hit the road with my last dollar in hand. It will never happen. There will never be a Conservative who is willing to discuss ideas.

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