Friday, August 23, 2013

MSL Screencast

Readers of this blog know that, for the last five years, I've been searching for a group of people to discuss free market health care reform.

I put together a presentation that starts with a Pithy Introduction to the health care debate. The pithy introduction should be about five minutes. The goal of the introduction is to define the term "Health Care" and to contrast the idea of "group care" with "individual care." I favor the idea of delivering health care on an individual basis.

The pithy introduction would be followed by a quick introduction of a mathematical model for funding health care that I call "The Medical Savings and Loan." This second part of the the presentation should be about 15 minutes.

A key component of the MS&L is a thing called the "Health Care Advocates Association." Introducing the HCA should take about 10 minutes.

I would then give a short presentation comparing the MSL and HCAA with the insurance paradigm and show why the Medical Savings and Loan would provide more care for less money.

In five years, I've found no-one interested in attending this presentation. I have received requests to create a video.

So, I bought a tinny microphone for $5 and plugged it into my 2003 Dell Computer. I deleted a whole bunch of files to make room for the CamStudio-Recorder. I bought a pile of microstock images and read the presentation into the tinny microphone. To produce the thing below.

The actual time of the video is 15 minutes.

I am so upset at this whole unwillingness of the Conservative Movement to take a positive stand on free market health care that I added a ten minute diatribe on the poor quality of modern debate.

The US Founders were not conservatives. The conservatives of 1776 stood with the British.

The Left/Right split took hold during the French Revolution when supporters of the ancient regime sat on the Right of the French Legislature and supporters of radical change stood on the Left. Modern dialectics took hold with the rantings of the arch-conservative thinker Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. The Modern Progressive ideology was scripted by the Young Hegelians (Feuerbach, Marx, etc).

The fact that the GOP nominated Mitt Romney to run against Barrack Obama convinced me that the GOP has no intention of repealing ObamaCare. They simple seek to project negative images on President Obama in a snide attempt to capture the ring of power.

I suspect that there are many people who sincerely call themselves "conservatives" who want to restore the American experiment in self rule. The conservative movement is not defined by one's rhetoric. It is defined the the actions of the whole movement. The goal of the Conservative Movement from Revolution to present has been to preserve the centralized social order.

If a group was interested in discussing Free Market Health Care reform, I would pull out ten minutes of the Pithy Introduction. A primary reason that I added the diatribe was because I want to disassociate this presentation from the Conservative movement which I personally find as corrupt as the progressive movement.

I am not happy at all with this recording. The home of the recording will be at the URL

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