Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Progressives see self financed care as a threat

In the article The Threat of Self-Insured Plans Among Small Businesses by Maura Calsyn and Emily Oshima Lee, The Center for American Progress openly identifies self-insurance as a primary threat to the progression of socialism in America.

The article notes that small businesses faced with skyrocketing premiums and reduced acccess to care under PPACA are likely to seek alternatives such as self-financed care.

"small businesses that have not traditionally offered self-insured plans are now considering this approach"

So, the article advocates the creation of new administrative rules designed specifically increase the regulatory burdens and compliance cost of self-funded care; thus making the option less attractive.

"This outcome is not inevitable. State and federal policymakers can halt this shift even without new legislation. In this issue brief, we discuss the risks posed when small employers self-insure, as well as policy options to discourage this behavior, focusing specifically on possible federal administrative strategies."

Progressives advance their cause by identifying groups they feel are threats then creating administrative burdens to oppress those groups.

I am opposed to this progression toward socialism. History shows that this top-down imposition of state control is regressive. Just think of this argument by Maura Calsyn and Emily Oshima Lee. They want to increase the regulatory burdens of health care simply so their group has more power.  Maura Calsyn and Emily Oshima Lee openly seek to deny care to people in small business for their personal lust for power.

I've followed the health care debate since the 1980s when I worked as a minion for a state run health plan. My direct experience working for state run health care moved me to reject the progressive argument. I studied the numbers in detail and realized reduced the quality of effectiveness of care. I can prove that self-funded care will provide more care and better care.

My goal for the last five years has been to find people who are open to free market health care reform to review a proposal to restore the concept of self-funded care.

If you are opposed to ObamaCare and are looking for something to do, you could invite me to attend a meeting so that I can give my presentation on self-funded health care.

I live in Utah. I am not LDS. I am willing to travel.

This article "The Threat of Self-Insured Plans Among Small Businesses" is simply proof that progressives fear people discussing self-financed health care.

This is a no-brainer. A way to defeat ObamaCare is for people to talk about self financed care.

I put a meeting on FreedomConnector to have a meeting on self funded health care on November 14. The meeting will have a 45 minute presentation followed by a discusssion. The URL for the meeting is:

BTW: This article shows the same type of thinking as was found in the IRS Scandal. Maura Calsyn and Emily Oshima Lee identify a group of people as a threat. They then create administrative rules to attack the people they see as a threat. This type of thinking is ubiquitous in the progressive movement.

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