Saturday, November 16, 2013

Traveling from Town to Town

I am envious. Green Smoothie Girl travels from town to town spreading the message about the importance of whole foods.

A green smoothie is a salad (no dressing) processed through a blender. You can add fruit and create different recipes to make the smoothies taste better. It's just easier to eat a lot of salad in blended form. She pays the bills by selling books and Blendtec blenders which have the power needed to cut through beets, carrots and other ingredients.

Green Smoothie Girl spreads the concept of "food as medicine." We are what we eat and we can cure many chronic maladies simply by changing eating habits. It is great stuff.

I am part of that very tiny minority of people who love the ideals of the US Founders. I believe strongly in health freedom.  I worked in the insurance industry analyzing claims and calculating premiums. I realized the deep dark secret of the health care industry. Self-funded care would provide more care for more people at a substantially lower cost than insurance.

I would love to have a traveling show that went from town to town spreading the word that health freedom works. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find that first group of people who believe passionately in freedom who would help create a show that could take to the road. So, I sit here in envy of Green Smoothie Girl.

Blendtec has an affiliate program with Avantlink. The commission rate is 15%. If I sold one $300 blender, I would get enough money to pay for a cheap hotel room. If I sold two blenders I could get the gas to travel to a town and stay in a cheap hotel. This type of stuff is possible. BTW, I don't have a Blendtec Blender, but I did see one chop up beets and carrots at a Green Smoothie Girl show where I snarfed a free green smoothie.

Blendtec Blender

I keep going through the math. I think I might be able to make ten dollars a day if I took a ton of photographs during my travels and put them on my photo site My collection of Community Directories might make some money if people linked to them.

The cost of traveling the country giving workshops on health freedom would be about a hundred dollars a day (plus whatever it costs to rent speaking space). If there was any interest at all in preserving freedom, I am sure that I could find a way to pull off the stunt. But there is no interest and I feel sunk.

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