Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Traveling Show

I am taking a second shot at listing a health care event in the FreedomConnector calendar. The response has been so overwhelming that I can hear the crickets. The event is titled "Health Freedom Workshop." I am limiting the number of attendees to six. So far, I've had one sign up.

Let's see. That one person is ... me.

Last week I attended a traveling show by FreedomWorks on managing media connections. The event has me thinking that the best possible course of action would be for me to transform my Health Freedom Workshop into a traveling show.

My initial estimates are that I could pull off the whole traveling show thing for one to two hundred a day. This would include gas, a hotel room and a conference room for the meeting.

The format of the show is simple. I would present a mathematical model of free market (self-funded) care and a model of socialized (group funded) care. With these two models, I can demonstrate why free market health care outperforms socialized care.

The meeting includes actionable items and strategies to defeat PPACA and restore free market health care.

The show develops the basic ideas espoused by Dr. Ben Carson and others and develops the ideas into a full working system.

Of course, there is no way to get a traveling show off the ground with zero community support.

There is no support for people looking for free market health care solutions in the Conservative community. Were I to go into deep debt traveling from town to town, I suspect I would accomplish nothing expect prove to myself that Conservatives have no interest in advancing freedom.

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