Wednesday, January 15, 2014

General Proposal for a Presentation

My goal for the last six years has been to hold a meeting about free market health care reform. This meeting presents a strategy for turning back PPACA (aka, ObamaCare). I am willing to drive anywhere within a days drive of Salt Lake for free (That's about seven hundred miles). If I travel further I would have to find a way to fund the trip.

PPACA was premised on the assumption that insurance is the only possible way to fund health care. Because insurance is the only way to fund health care, we must force people into insurance plans and doctors into HMOs.

This assumption leads to the false dichotomy that Health Care must either be funded by big insurance or by big government.

The way to stand against a false dichotomy is to strike at the false premise behind the dichotomy.

My meeting begins with a presentation about the mathematics of funding health care. (FWIW: I used to work as a computer programmer for a state owned insurance company writing programs to track claims and calculate premiums. The presentation is based on experience). I then create a mathematical model for self-funded health care that I call "The Medical Savings and Loan.

With two models on the table I then show how and why group funding of individual consumption leads to inequities. The presentation ends with an actionable model and action items that can be used to defeat the socialization of health care.

 Admirers of Dr. Ben Carson would love this presentation. The presentation goes miles beyond Dr. Carson by showing how we can achieve this vision in a relatively short time span.

I need to emphasize. The Medical Savings and Loan is a business model. It is not a government program.

A group of people who wanted to make a big impact on the health care debate could invite me to a meeting. If they like what they hear, I would discuss the action item. The action items is not a government program.

Did I mention? I am not talking about a government program. I believe that funding health care is a business problem and that we need business solutions. The action item is not the creation of a new government agency. The goal is the creation of a better model for funding health care. The model would be implemented as a business, not a government program.

Although there is a raging culture war, the program is not a conflict driven or culture war approach to health care.

It is a data-driven, science based mechanism for funding health care.

As mentioned. I live in Utah. I am not LDS. The meeting is neither pro-LDS or anti-LDS. Truthfully, I don't find LDS and interesting topic.

I notice that the most prominent LDS leaders are all lined up for socializing health care through health exchanges. I am critical of Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, Mike Leavitt, Jon Huntsman, the Utah Health Exchange, and the Sutherland Institute which have all played negative roles in the health care debate.

Since I live in Utah, I may find it necessary to address the negative role that Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, Huntsman and Leavitt have played in the health care debate, but I really am not interested in such political discussions.

IMHO, politics is something that gets in the way of good decisions. We need an approach to health care reform dedicated to making better decisions.

If you are interested in this presentation, please use my Contact Form. I would be happy to give the presentation anywhere within a day's drive of Salt Lake, but I would have to come up with a funding mechanism if I had to go further than that.

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