Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Goal of the Health Care Workshop

For the six years I've been on a quest to have meetings with people who want free market health care reform.

The meeting would begin with a presentation. The presentation will say that funding health care is a business problem and that the inequities we see in the current health care system are the result of a flawed business model.

If the problem is the business model, then the solution is to create a new business model.

The presentation ends with an action item. The action item is to create a new business model.

A business model is an abstract concept. What we would be doing in this stage of the game is discussing different business models and how the different business models interface in the world at large.

In my humble opinion, this stage of the game is extremely important.

The US Founders realized that government places artificial limits on people. By creating a limited government, the Founders removed limits on the people.

The Constitution was a profound statement. The statement says: "Don't look to the government for answers. Look toward each other."

To execute on the Founder's vision, we need to meet together as free people and create businesses that solve the problems of our day.

If we wish to make the American Experiment in Self Rule work, Americans need to move beyond this constant chatter about the government and delve into discussions about how an unlimited people can solve the challenges of the day.

It is my belief that if people got together and started talking about solving the health care problem with different business models, they could have a huge impact on the debate.

The GOP has been trying to defend against PPACA through obstructionism. I reject the obstructionist path. I belief in a constructive path. This "classical liberal" approach I wish to follow solves a social problem by creating new businesses.

The reason I don't want to publish my presentation online is because the presentation is not the end goal. Creating a business model is the goal.

It is possible that I would have to give the presentation a dozen times before finding people willing to invest time in creating a new business model. I don't mind that at all. I have never shied away from hard work.
 I would rather give the presentation a hundred times to find people willing to do the hard work of starting a new business than just willy-nilly selecting people at random. For creating a good model is hard work and will will be working on a business model in a challenging environment.

As you see, health care is a highly regulated industry. The regulatory system has been captured by the insurance industry. The primary concern of insurance regulators is to keep newcomers out and to keep the money flowing to the insider cronies.

However, there is a huge population which is deeply unsatisfied with the insurance industry. If a group created a new business model and there was public support for trying the new model, it would be possible to overcome the inertia of regulation.

We are a year or two away from being able to realize the creation of businesses that use the new business model.

If business model exists and there is a group to support the business model and there is a demand for businesses to execute the model; then the business will come into reality.

So, my goal for the last six years has been to get a group of people in a room. I would give a presentation on free market health care reform. If there was interest in creating a business model, the group would engage in the academic exercise of creating a business model. This would involve research, writing contracts, etc..

What is the cost of holding a meeting? The cost is essentially nothing. Attending a meeting takes one afternoon.

Even if you don't like me or my proposed business model, the act of talking about an alternative to insurance might have a positive effect.

PPACA is premised on the assumption that group health insurance is the only possible way to fund health care.

If a group meets and talks about free market alternatives to insurance, the group would poke a hole in this false assumption.

If the group created a peer reviewed business model that presents an alternative to insurance, the group would poke a larger hole in the false assumption.

Creating a business model that that segments of the market finds superior to employer based health insurance would rip a gushing tear in the false assumption. If people began executing on the model, the house of cards called PPACA just might come crashing down.

The process I propose is simple. I created a silly little presentation about free market health care. The goal of the meeting is to gather people who are interested in free market health care reform.

The meeting closes with a workshop. The workshop starts, at an academic level, the process of creating a business model.

I created a legal entity called "The Health Care Advocate Association." My idea is that the HCAA will be a membership organization that defines the new business model.

For the first year, the group would be a for-profit educational association engaged in an academic quest of discussing business models.

In this incubation phase, the group will seek to piece together enough resources so that if a business sought to implement the business model, the HCAA could provide support to the business.

I guess I should point out that the founding members of the HCAA would have the ground level position in the creation of a new business that might eventually handle several hundred billion dollars in revenue.

So, yes, you would come to a meeting to listen to an insufferable buffoon talk about the mathematics of funding health care. You will have to donate some time to create a business model.

After spending several tedious weekends talking about the mathematics of health care, you will meet a multi-million dollar business owner who is so upset at her insurance company that she is willing to pay you big bucks to implement the new business model … and guess what, you just set yourself up for life.

The potential is there, but to get the ball rolling I need to meet people who want to save the American system in self rule.

The presentation is not the end goal. It is a step to the second goal which is the creation of an entity that defines a new business model.

Creating the business model is a tedious chore. If you ask people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gate and Steve Jobs, they will tell you that the point of creating a business model is eventually to execute on a business.

I love the start up environment. Quite frankly, in my opinion, this whole thing is extremely fun.
Unfortunately, I live in Utah. Utah has a closed culture which is hostile to business innovation. I would be happy to travel if there was a group within a day's drive of Utah willing to to through this process.

Better yet, a person could travel to Utah to attend the workshop.
Utah just happens to have the best snow on earth. A person could come out to a ski vacation in Park City, Snowbird, Alta, Brighton or Solitude. After spending the day skiing, they would endure the presentation.

During the next day, people would go to a ski area where they would sit on a chair lift talking business and politics. They would ski down the slope then get on another ski lift and talk some more about business and politics. Again they would ski down the slope and get on another lift talking about business and politics.

You will probably break for an hour. Eat a gourmet hamburger, then get on another lift to talk about business and politics and ski down another slope. You will repeat this process until you either break a leg or it gets dark.

After spending a vacation at a world class ski resort, you will go back to wherever with new insights in funding health care and a cast. (Hopefully you won't go home in a cast, most people end their ski vacation with a funny raccoon shaped sunburn outlining the goggles they wore skiing. and Liftopia offer online deals on ski tickets.

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