Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The New Years Starts on a Low Note

Happy New Years.

There is still not a single sign up for my Health Freedom Workshop here in Salt Lake City.

BTW The fact that no-one is interested in my event doesn't bother me. What bugs me is that there are no other events I can find in the area where people are standing up for liberty.

Defending our health freedom is the most important issue of our day. If no-one stands up for freedom, then freedom will be lost in our generation.

Utah United was a well funded group with. There is not a single event in their 2014 calendar.

My health freedom workshop is not a diatribe against ObamaCare. The presentation is not a state program. I create an alternative business model for funding health care and argue that the inequities in health care are the result of the business models used to finance care.

This presentation provides a framework for discussing free market health care reform.

I understand that people are put off by me. What bothers me is that no-one in this "Conservative" movement seems to be interested in discussing the issue.

Health care is a complex issue that simply has to be discussed face to face. The complete lack of interest in the subject has me deeply concerned.

I might reschedule the program. I would like input on the date. I am willing to travel. I do not have money to travel, so if I have to travel I have to figure out how to pay for the trip. For example I could host the presentation alongside a fundraiser to pay for the gas and hotel. If 20 people in Phoenix were interested in the presentation and we raised ten dollars a piece from the attendees, we would go a long way to paying for a hotel and the gas.

Anyway, my presentation is scheduled for tomorrow. 1/2/2014. You can sign up using your twitter account. I will make a huge pot of chili tomorrow in anticipation of the event.

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