Friday, December 27, 2013

Advancing Health Freedom

It is pathetic. Our health care system is crashing around us, but Conservatives are spending more time talking about Duck Dynasty than on overturning PPACA.

Health care is the key to saving this nation. Either the forces seeking to advance liberty will come up with a viable alternative to ObamaCare, or we will continue down this path of mediocrity.

The only way to create an alternative to PPACA is to talk about alternatives.

I scheduled a Health Freedom Workshop on January 2nd. This workshop will start with a presentation on free market health care. The presentation shows how a small group of people could realize the ideals of Dr. Ben Carson in a short period.

The presentation will present action items that could be used by the freedom movement to make 2014 and 2016 blowout victories for the Freedom Movement.

I can hold multiple presentations if you like.

The presentation is at 6:30PM. If there's under 10 attendees, the presentation will be at a private residence. I am considering boiling up a batch of chili before hand. The private residence has a view of this Utah landmark in the Salt Lake Valley. I will email attendees the address and map.

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