Monday, December 23, 2013

Artificial Deadline

Today is the deadline for PPACA. Everyone needs to go to

When I worked in insurance, I discovered my life and the life of everyone in the company revolved around arbitrary deadline set by the insurance company.

Our actual health, however, is continuous.

Neither our incomes nor our health problems fit the artificial deadlines set by insurance companies.

For example, my father had a heart attack on January 31 a few years. The timing of the heart attack meant he had to pay two deductibles. 

If you break your leg on your Christmas ski vacation, the cost of your initial treatment and followup treatment will fall in two calendar years and you will have to pay two deductibles. If you break your leg on January 1st, you have to pay only one.

This is extremely problematic for people with high deductible health care.

The artificial deadlines of insurance is just one of many symptoms indicating that insurance is not the best way to fund health care.

If there is anyone on the planet interested in discovering a better way to fund health care; I will be holding a Health Freedom Work Shop in Salt Lake City on January 2nd. The workshop will look at the challenges of financing health care and will develop a free market alternative to insurance.

BTW: I did go to Since my income is well below the poverty rate, the government will give money to an insurance company on my behalf. I don't want the government to take money from you and give it to an insurance company on my behalf.

My income is below poverty line because I've been working to find ways to defend freedom. If we are wanting to preserve freedom in this country. Someone has to stand up and I am willing to put it all on the line to defend the ideals of the US Founders.

The presentation takes a little over an hour followed by an open discussion with action items to help overturn PPACA. BTW, if you are young and don't want to be forced into an insurance pool, this workshop shows a way out.

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