Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Open Inquiry

We are five years, going on six, in the Obama Health Care Debate. Other than Ben Carson, who is not really a conservative, I have not seen any quality discussion of free market health care in the media or in the local political scene.

So, I decided to take another stab at hosting a Health Freedom Workshop. I decided to pick the first Thursday of January, which happens to be January 2nd. I have access to a living room not too terribly far from the Olympus Hills Shopping Center. The meeting will start at 6:30PM. The meeting will consist of a presentation on free market health care reform followed by an open discussion about free market health care reform.

If you like Dr. Benjamin Carson, this meeting shows how to achieve a very similar vision within a few short years.

If you are reading my primary blog, you will see that I am extremely distraught with the pathetic job Conservatives have done at defending health care.

I've gone five years with the simple goal of attending a meeting in which Conservatives explored free market health care reform. The fact that Conservatives are unwilling to talk about the most important issue of our generation has me completely perplexed.

So, I've been question: what is "Conservatism."

The rants focus on a ruling by a Utah Federal Court which strikes down Utah's anti-polygamy laws. Polygamy will cause our society to devolve into a clan based culture (like Iran) with a polygamous Warlords controlling vast sections of our country ... like Colorado City.

My posts are very dark as I examine polygamy as the ultimate expression of conservatism.

People who defend the American Tradition of self rule have taken to calling themselves "conservatives." But we have a great problem, "conservatism" is not the answer. Modern Conservatism is as mixed up as mixed up as Modern Liberal.

The answer is open inquiry and the ideals of the US Founders ... not conservatism. Unfortunately, we cannot revive these ideals as long as people confuse the two.

The terms "conservative" and "liberal" are words which have been assigned to contradictory ideals. Trying to solve the health care puzzle by screaming the word "conservative" has not worked.

I love the ideals of the US Founders and their experiment in a limited government too much to waste it on an intellectual game in which conservative means freedom and liberal means socialist.

I want to break free of this failed conversation and engage in a real conversation that seeks solutions. Unfortunately, since I am stuck in the "Most Conservative State in the Nation." I cannot find anyone interested in discussing substantive free market reform.

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