Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bleak Times Ahead

I predict that 2014 will be one of the worst years for the freedom movement on record (unless ... and I will get to "the unless").

I predict that both the Democratic and Republican Parties will hit the remnants of the Tea Party with a degree of ostracism that few of us have seen in their lifetime.

I predict that in 2014 through 2016. People in the freedom movement will find themselves facing social, political and economic isolation like they have never felt before.

Progressives are skilled at isolating and ostracizing those who stand up for liberty. The ability to smear and destroy political opponents is the greatest strength of the progressive movement.

I fear that it will work.

One can only take so much economic and social isolation until one is just willing to just give in to whatever.

This technique worked quite well after the Goldwater campaign. Everyone who supported the free market view was simply shoved aside after Goldwater and it took a whole generation before people were even willing to consider free market ideas again.

The plan to isolate and cut out Libertarians, Independents and free thinkers will work unless people in the Freedom Movement do something that is outside of the conservative character.

In order to save freedom, people in the freedom movement need to support each other and on occasion actually physically talk with one another.

Matt Kibbe released this. If people in the freedom movement never interface with other people in the movement, they just languish. His group created the site "Freedom Works" which produced the FreedomConnector calendar. Here is the calendar for Utah.

Get serious, do any of you really believe the freedom movement could have an impact on elections if there is never any face to face interaction?

I've posted several events on the Utah Freedom Calendar. Well, nobody's attended any event. I've attended many of the events that appeared.

Personally, I am at wit's end. For five solid years, I've had the goal of simply finding people willing to discuss free market health care reform. All I've discovered is that people called "conservative" aren't willing to give others the time of day. I no longer believe conservatives are sincere about defending liberty.

BTW: I created a calendar system for community events in my Salt Lake Calendar. This calendar gladly lists any event.

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