Friday, December 13, 2013

Obstruction v. Education

A bad budget deal is the best deal that we can get with the current Congress. So, I am supporting the Budget dealt. Rather than fighting for one budget, the freedom movement needs to concentrate on switching the Congress and on ending the reign of Harry Reid.

In the last few years, the Tea Party has had decent success in supporting fiscally conservative candidates in the primary season.

Now, Imagine that there was a government shutdown during the primary season?

What would happen is the Tea Party would be framed as hard-lined obstructionists and the Tea Party candidates would systematically fail during the primary.

This is not a battle I want to fight.

IMHO the Freedom movement needs to transition from a reactionary group that attempts to preserve freedom to an affirmative group that seeks to promote freedom through education.

If we could establish an affirmative debate about which is better for the people: A free and productive society to a socialized and controlled society, the freedom movement would easily win.

Obstructionist politics leads to ruin.

The freedom movement needs to educate people on free market solutions to the problem of the day.

The education effort can start small.

One can impose socialism from the top down, but true free market reform needs to come from the bottom.

The freedom movement can start by small groups of people getting together to discuss issues.

BTW: This is what they left does. This why the win at every turn.

People talk to each other.

I've gone five solid years just trying to find one "conservative" group willing to hold a meeting on free market health care reform.

The is simply no way the freedom movement could win the day if someone who is actively looking to defend freedom can't find anyone in the conservative movement who is willing to give an afternoon to discuss the most important issue of the day.

The dictionary definition is "closed-minded."  It is patently absurd to think that closed-mindedness can win arguments.

I live in the most Conservative State in the nation: Utah.  Utahans are proud to be the most conservatives people West of Tehran.

Open discussion of solutions is forbidden in this state.

But closed-minded obstruction doesn't work. The closed minded surrender the future to the enemies of freedom who, at least for now, are willing to go through the formalities of listening to people in their grub for power.

Obstruction won't win the day. A second government shutdown for questionable gains is not worth the effort.

The way to win the struggle for freedom is through education. Education involves open-minded people discussing issues with one another.

I will try scheduling a workshop on health freedom at the beginning of January. I am hoping to get input for the date or location of the meeting. I have access to a living room, but prefer a formal meeting place.

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