Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Sad Conclusion

In the 1980s I realized that the problem in health care was the use of group funding of individual consumption. The solution is to restore the concept of individually funded health care.

An HSA + High Deductible Insurance is still an insurance policy. The HSA/HDHC model is mathematically problematic especially when you consider chronic conditions.

I created a logical structured called "The Medical Savings and Loan." This program holds that those who can self fund their care should. It creates a system with large savings accounts a loans to help people self fund care and creates a system of grants for those who need assistance.

The MS&L will have the same amount of money as an insurance company of similar size. Because all spending is direct fee for service care, I contend that people will get more care for the same price.

I believe that the research I did on this plan could help in the effort to repeal ObamaCare.

The weakest part of ObamaCare is the insurance mandates. The insurance mandate is premised on the assumption that group insurance is the only viable mechanism for funding health care.

The Medical Savings and Loan is built from the ground up around savings accounts. It is radically different from insurance.

I contend that, if there was a socially accepted alternative to insurance, that we would destroy the justification for ObamaCare, the health exchanges and much of the insanity surrounding insurance regulation.

My goal since 2008 has simply been to find people in the GOP willing to discuss the plan and to discuss how it could be used to help defeat PPACA.

In this time, I live in Salt Lake and have contacted ever GOP group I can find. I've been unable to get a single person from the Utah GOP to discuss the idea.

I spent every last penny I had traveling to Reno, Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas to find someone willing to talk about alternatives to insurance and free market health care reform.

I will be willing to borrow money and travel if I could find a GOP group brave enough to discuss alternatives to insurance. If you have a group interested in free market health care concern and will comment to a meeting, please contact me. (I bite and growl, but not all that hard).

Having spent well over $5000 and 4 years of time, I've only been able to get person to talk to me, and I didn't get any follow through from that conversation.

In every other case, I was put to the door the moment people realized that I want to see self funded care established as an alternative to insurance.

The fact that I get put to the door every time I mention that I want a system that establishes self-funded care as an alternative to insurance has led me to conclude that the GOP is not interested in talking about self-funded alternatives to insurance.

I have followed the healthcare issue since the 1980s. The GOP has a long history of passing half-baked solutions to fix insurance. 

The fact that I have never found a member of the GOP willing to discuss alternatives to insurance and that the GOP keeps passing government programs trying to fix the obvious flaws of insurance has led me to conclude that the GOP is in the pockets of insurance.

(Tax deductions for Health Savings Accounts in conjunction with high deductible insurance is not an alternative to insurance. The HSA+HDHC of the MMA is a fundamentally flawed program that only supports the upper middle class and extremely wealthy. 

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