Monday, July 2, 2012

The Challenge

Conservative politicos play a game in which they spout free market rhetoric at rallies to gain support and get a seat at the table.

Once at the table, they simply join in on the feeding frenzy and rip apart our freedoms and grub for their little piece of power pie.

The game is simple: You can't sell people's freedom until you establish a claim on that freedom. Before you can legitimately sell people into servitude, you must hoodwink them into thinking you are their champion.

We can see this game in action with The Sutherland Institute support of a thing called the Health Compact.

The Health Compact is a massive expansion of state involvement in health care justified by claims that it is opposed to PPACA.

Both the Health Compact and PPACA are products of the same bankrupt line of thinking that starts with the false claim that insurance is the only possible way t fund health care and that the state must force people into corrupt insurance companies.

I've read both PPACA and the Health Compact. They both expand state control. They both socialize medicine with health exchanges and diminish individual influence in they care. The only difference is the group of rogues holding the ring of power.

Groups like Sutherland Institute make me sick.

So, I decided to throw down a gauntlet and challenge Sutherland to a discussion of free market reform. Specifically, the challenge is to discuss "The Medical Savings and Loan" which is a self funded approach to health care reform.

I've written the Sutherland Institute multiple times through the years asking them to explore real health care reform. Every solicitation has fallen on deaf ears.

Maybe if there is a public challenge, they might feel shamed into discussing real reform.

The preceding post has the first draft of the challenge. I will write other institutes in State Policy Network.

BTW, this presentation on the Medical Savings and Loan is an unique challenge to PPACA. The program claims that the problem in health care is our use of group funding for individual consumption. In the presentation, I create a model for self funded care, then argue that it does a better job funding care than insurance.

I would be happy to travel and give this presentation to any group interested in real free market health care reform. Sadly, I had another really bad quarter. So, I am kind of stuck in Utah. I would be happy to travel, but I would need a guaranteed audience and an opportunity to run a fund raiser to pay for the trip. (contact form)

It would be easier if I could find a group in Utah brave enough to discuss real free market reform. Anyway, if you are as frustrated with conservatives as am I, you might want to yell at Sutherland. If enough people yell, they might respond to a challenge. David Buer's contact information is at the top of this article.

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