Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Declaring Independence from Insurance

Last century, insurance companies sold our parents on the lie that if we gave up just a little bit of freedom, they would provide security.

That's a laugh. Every year the insurance companies take more while the people are left with less.

During the Obama Administration, the insurance industry managed to pass a bill making their poisonous product mandatory.

Republicans are as bad as Obama. If Romney is elected, his administration will repeal Federal constraints on insurance companies, but leave the mandates enforced at the state level through corrupt entities like the Health Exchange in the Health Compact.

A people cannot sell some of their freedom for security. Fools that follow this path soon lose both.

The site Read The Declaration, by Hillsdale College, beseeches Americans to read  the Declaration of Independence, which I just did. (NOTE: I put a copy of the Declaration on Community Color).

Since the Insurance Mandate is the biggest topic of the political season, as I read the declaration, my brain kept coming back to this encroachment on liberty.

The patriots of 1776 sought to declare independence from the monarchy. The patriots of 2012 need to reject both the Republican and Democratic path to serfdom and declare independence from Insurance Companies.

I have a wonderful presentation called "The Medical Savings and Loan." In this program, I assert that the problem in health care is the use of group funding for individual consumption. The presentation starts by creating a mechanism to restore self-funded care. With this model in hand, a group can examine in detail why  group funding leads to worse results than individual funding.

The presentation has been begging an audience for the last four years.

I live in Utah and will travel to groups wanting to talk free market health care reform (provided I can figure out a way to pay for the trip).

Being stuck in Utah, I've decided to take a stab at challenging the Sutherland Institute in a debate about their support of the oppressive Health Compact which seeks to socialize health care through state run health exchanges.

But it is July 4th. Today is a day to celebrate independence with the local community (and to set the hill side on fire with illegal fireworks ... despite the local ban on fireworks.)

Please, read the declaration ... but read it with a thoughts of enemies of freedom today. (HINT, in all likelihood, the entrenched and corrupt leaders of the parties are a greater threat to liberty than your partisan foes.)

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