Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hyperbolic Function

If you made big database that recorded people's total health expenses charted against total wealth (total lifetime income + inheritance), you are likely to see a hyperbolic equation.

In most cases, people's total health care expenses will range from 5% to 15% of their total wealth. There will be a small number of people whose health expenses way exceed their ability to pay.

A primary job of the Medical Savings and Loan is the chart the curve. The program has health care advocates whose function is to record people's income and expense. They will report this info to actuarial firms that will munch the data and report back to the advocates telling us what it reasonable expenses and what is extraordinary.

In contrast, insurance is totalitarian and evil. Insurance says that because some people have expenses they cannot pay, the kollective must take ALL of the health care resources of everyone in the nation and put those resources in a pool controlled by the ruling elite. To fund the health care of the small percentage of people who cannot do so on their own, insurance tells us that we must force all the people could self fund their care into subservience.

Now, the simple hyperbolic graph above is very simple. If a group was interested in pursuing the cause of liberty, the group would spend a great deal of time collecting data on health care and mapping out real equations.

It would be a really fun and fruitful investigation. If there is anyone on this planet who is interested in freedom, they could contact me.

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