Monday, September 17, 2012

Conservatives Killed the Tea Party

Obama is ahead in the polls and is likely to win a second term for one simple reason:

Conservatives failed to present
(or even discuss)
alternatives to ObamaCare.

Anyone who dares bring up an alternative to PPACA is immediately thrown out the door by conservatives who, from the beginning, have been set on capturing (not repealing) ObamaCare.

At the end of the Tea Party and Republican primary, we are left with a sinister candidate who has already declared that he intends to keep ObamaCare. Romney's plan is a symbolic repeal of ObamaCare followed by an implementation of RomneyCare (which is the same thing as ObamaCare.)

The only hope for restoring America is for patriots to turn from the Republican Party and run a massive campaign to split the vote. If the people voted third party and deprived Obama a majority, then we might still have a future.

If a third party split the vote, there might be somebody, somewhere who is willing to engage in a discussion free market health care.

A proper discussion would question whether insurance (group funding of individual consumption) is really free market health care. If it is not, is there a way to restore the concept of self-funded health care (HINT A Health Savings Account + High Deductible Insurance is not an alternative to insurance.)

Sadly, conservatives will never talk about free market health care reform, because the leading elite of the conservative movement do not believe in a free market.

Conservatism traces back to the French Revolution and the writings of the royalist Hegel. From the get go, conservatism was designed as a movement in which the leaders simply recite free market rhetoric, but then grab power when in power.

The driving issue of true Conservatism is preserving the social order. Following Machiavelli's lead, conservatives will pretend to be free marketeers while creating laws to protect the ruling elite from the market.

Conservatives will never discuss alternatives to insurance because insurance helps defend their ideal of a top down social order with a clear ruling elite and the majority reduced to servitude.

The very first "conservatives" in America were the Tories who sided with the British during the Revolution.

There will never be a day when a "conservative" talks about free market health care reform, because conservatives really don't believe in freedom. Conservatives are driven by the single issue of recreating a class society.

Sadly, by posing as defenders of the free market, conservatives have systematically discredited the free market in the eyes of the world.

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