Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Own Your Health

I was absolutely floored last night while watching the introduction to Michelle Obama's speech. Ms. Obama said something on the order of: "The best way to improve your health is to own your health."

Sorry if I didn't get the wording right. The statement through me for a loop.

Our health care system is built on the assumption that we can abstract off the health individuals into pools. Conservatives want the pools owned by corporate giants. Socialists want health owned by the state.

The concept that people own their health is currently not even on the political spectrum.

For the last several years I've explored this concept that people, not a third party, are the rightful owners of their body. Both Conservatives and Progressives will escort you to the door if you question third party ownership of your body.

If you owned your body and and your health, then you should own the primary resources used for the care of your body.

if people owned their health, then we should be thinking of ways to break up the pools and third, rather than seeking ways to mandate insurance.

I couldn't find a youtube video of Michelle Obama's exact quote, but here is a part of the DNC presentation that clarifies the Democratic Position by clearly stating that the people belong to the goverment:
The narrator says: 'Government Only Thing We All Belong To'

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