Saturday, September 1, 2012

Doctor in the Mirror

Dr. Reed Tuckson is hawking a book called The Doctor in the Mirror (Buy at Better World Books) that promotes the radical concept that patients should have dome involvement in their health. Dr. Tuckson argues that if the people who actually own a body have some control of their body, that they can reduce health care expenses.

This radical notion that people should be involved in their health care flies directly in the face of the Medical Establish. The Medical Establishment holds that people are members of a collective and that individual care should be administered in relation to the collective. Walking through the doors of the University of Utah Hospital, it is abundantly clear that patients exist for the benefit of the doctors. The notion that a doctor is there to serve patients is laughable.

By suggesting that individuals should have the driving role in their own health, Dr. Reed has clearly veered from established thought and in to the fantasies of free market fiction.

Being a scifi fan myself, I thought I would take the fantasy one step futher.

What if people actually owned their body?

I know this is fantasy. Conservatives believe that your body is owned by your employer. Liberals believe your body is property of the state.

But, what if your body was actually your property. What if your thumbs, fingers, feet, belly button and mind were things that you rightfully possessed and rightfully controlled?

I know that I am into fantasy that is counter to thinking in the world of insurance and health care ... but bear with me.

What if your body was your property. What if your mind was a thing given to you by God for you to control?

If such what ifs were true, then the accepted thinking of the insurance industry and the medical establishment are false.

If you owned your body, shouldn't you own the resources used to care for your body?

If individuals owned their body, then the notion of using group funding of individual consumption is inherently corrupt.

As mentioned, I am a scifi fan. I've explored the radical concept that people owned their bodies in depth. Furhtermore, I assert that I can prove that the problem in modern health care rise from the absurdity of using group funding for individual consumption.

I hold that your are more than just the doctor in the middle. I hold that you own yourself and that doctors are here simply to sell you services to help you achieve your health goals.

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