Sunday, September 9, 2012

RobamaCare is Here to Stay

I listened to a Meet The Press interview with Romney. About 20 years into the interview.Romney drops the bombshell. Romney intends to keep major portions of PPACA.

The spin is that Romney would replace PPACA with a  program based on the Massachusetts health care plan (which was the basis for PPACA to begin with).

I should point out that even if Romney repealed PPACA, we'd still be stuck with the legislation.

The heart of PPACA is a network of Health Exchanges implemented at the state level. Even if Romney wanted to repeal ObamaCare, we'd be stuck with the Exchanges.

The one and only way to rid ourselves of ObamaCare is for a free market oriented group to come up with an alternative to the Exchanges ... which is unlikely because CONSERVATIVES ARE WITLESS COWARDS WHO ARE SCARED TO DISCUSS IDEAS!

I haven't given up completely. If there is anyone who is willing to discuss free market health care reform, I have a plan that might work. I am stuck in Utah and can find no one willing to question the central authority. Here is my contact form

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