Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Substantive Ideas

As mentioned in the last post, The Wyoming Liberty Group is trying to stand up for liberty.

The group has done a phenomenal job in reading legislation and organizing people against the Left's health care power grab, but the group does not have a single substantive idea on the table.

The only idea they are pushing this season is the absurd notion that people should be able to buy insurance across state lines. Regina Meena's justification for this position is that state borders create a fractured pool.

She is actually using the exact same argument that the Left uses to justify single payer. The left claims that existence of private insurance creates a fractured pool and that, to achieve social justice, we must have one and only one pool.

Ms. Meena's argument for buying insurance across state lines is the exact same argument for single payer care. Because conservatives capitulate on the foundations, they capitulate our entire nation to the forces of socialism.

If I accepted Ms Meena's core belief that health care must be funded through insurance, I would actually support Obama and PPACA because PPACA does a better job realizing her arguments than the free market.

The reason Conservatives have no substantive ideas on the table is because Conservatives are unwilling to engage in a substantive debate about health care.

In my opinion, a substantive debate would question the assumption that insurance is the only way to fund health care.

My guess is that the Wyoming Liberty Group gets funding from insurance companies.

So, here I am writing a letter to Ms. Meena stating that I believe the problem in health care is the use of group funding from individual consumption (insurance) and that the solution is to create an alternative to insurance centered on savings accounts.

My position is both against her core beliefs and is likely against the beliefs of the insurance companies that fund the Wyoming Liberty Group Funding.

Why would these people want to listen to a pariah (I am not LDS) who claims that INSURANCE IS THE PROBLEM. The way to defeat ObamaCare is to create an alternative to insurance.

My stomping across Wyoming to challenge the core belief of Conservatism that insurance is some sort of all-knowing-god that showers health care on the people is absurd.

I don't want to be the ugly activist that muscles his way before crowds to condemn them for their beliefs.

As I write my letter challenging the belief that insurance is the only way to fund health care, and it rips at my heart.

Pretty much all Conservative Think tanks take money from insurance. A substantive debate about alternatives to insurance needs to take place in a new group.

A case in point. Twenty nine minutes into the following video by Sven Larson and Amy Edmonds, the Wyoming Liberty Group begins talking about the Wyoming Taxpayer's Association which has a history of supporting higher taxes. Amy Edmonds points out that the Wyoming Taxpayers' Association is funded by an industry group that wants to reduce its share of the tax burden. So the association advocates raising the taxes of others.

The perspective from which this group argues ends up favoring most tax increases.

My game of trying to get groups funded by insurance to engage in a substantive debate on health care is absurd.

The only way a real authentic conservation could take place is if people were willing to form a new group to engage in the debate. This is why I created the Health Care Advocate Association but I can't get anywhere until I find people willing to engage in a substantive exploration of health care.

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