Friday, January 4, 2013

Utah Among First States To Fully Implement ObamaCare

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Utah's Health Exchange got the nod from HHS and that the arch-Conservative state of Utah is among the first to implement PPACA (ObamaCare).

The article fails to mention that the Conservative Republicans that run the state have actively suppressed all debate about alternatives to ObamaCare.

The article fails to mention the fact that Utah Conservatives did not stand up for religious freedom when it was reported that provisions forced religious groups to buy abortives that they found morally objectionable.

The article fails to mention that the Conservative Establishment in this state not only failed to support freedom, the "Conservative Republicans" actively worked to undermine the cause of freedom throughout the United States.

I only hope that history correctly records that the American Experiment in Self Rule came to its inglorious end not simply because the forces of progressivism were skilled in taking freedom, but because conservative leaders gleefully handed the liberties of the the people to Obama on a silver platter because they wanted a piece of the government pie.

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