Monday, January 7, 2013

Wyoming Liberty Group

I live in a state that has done nothing to defend free market health care.

I keep looking to other states to if they are doing anything. I was delighted to see the video by the Wyoming Liberty Group that features Regina Meena who has been working for choice in health care.

The really exciting thing about the video is that there are people in a room actually engaged in face to face communication.

If we wish to defeat ObamaCare, we have to have thousands of meetings like this.

Critiques on the Meeting

Ms. Meena has realized that the key to defeating ObamaCare is choice. Unfortunately, she is concentrating on buying insurance across state lines.

She then states the paradoxical view that people should have freedom but that we cannot have fragmented risk pools. But if people have freedom, we will automatically have fragmented risk pools.

To defeat ObamaCare there has to be many meetings that discuss health care at a fundamental level.

I was just doing the arithmetics. Cheyenne is 444 miles from Salt Lake City. A round trip would be about 900 miles. I get over thirty miles a gallon; So, I would need 30 gallons of gas. That would be about $100. Two hotel nights is about $100.

Borrowing money and driving to Cheyenne is do-able.

I will write to this group and see if they are willing to host a meeting on free market health care. If any reader is familiar with Wyoming Liberty Group, could you please contact them and give them a nudge.

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