Saturday, October 5, 2013

Constructive Liberty

I hate spending my days ragging on the "conservative movement."

Like many Americans, I am at wits end.

I am delighted that the GOP has finally grown a back bone and is willing to stand up for liberty the day after the imposition of PPACA.

But, running an obstructionist campaign this late in the game is dubious strategy.

An obstructionist campaign may have worked earlier on in the health care debate.

At this hour, the freedom movement needs a completely different strategy.

We need a strategy to dig our nation out of the hole that Obama and Harry Reid dug for our liberties.

Obstructionism only widens the hole. It doesn't provide a path out.

Obstructionism is a strategy. To every strategy there is a counter strategy.

Obama uses the Alinsky Method.

The Alinsky Method can beat obstructionism. Obstruction campaigns allow community organizers to frame the obstructionist opposition as the source of the problem. In the current debate, the obstructionist campaign allows Obama to project the failures of PPACA onto the GOP.

The GOP has little to gain with the government shutdown, but the shutdown allows Obama to project the failures of PPACA onto the Republicans.

The Alinsky Method is a strategy that is premised on Conservatives acting a particular way.

The way to defeat the Alinsky Method is to act differently.

The way to defeat Alinsky and his student Obama is to create health care reform proposals that reconstruct liberty.

This strategy is easy to put together and accomplish.

Such a program could start by a small group of people meeting to discuss free market health care reform. (Something that I have not seen in this five years of health care debate).

The topic for the meeting is very simple. The meeting starts by asking the question: What would a true market health care system look like? This is followed by the question: How do we get there from here?

If a small group of freedom lovers were brave enough to attend to meeting on this subject, that group might be able to change the tone of the debate.

Simply discussing free market health care and how one implements free market health care changes the tone of the discussion from obstruction to construction.

If conservatives were engaged in a constructive discussion, it would break the Alinsky Method.

Remember. To every strategy, there is a counter strategy.

The Alinsky Method can break the obstructions strategy employed by the GOP.

The group that braved to talk about free market health care would be engaging in the one counter strategy that breaks the Alinsky Method. 

BTW, I am not talking about a government program. True free market health care reform is not dependent on the government.

Marx taught his followers to use the tools of the free market to destroy the market. The meeting would involve discussion on how to use the tools of PPACA to restore the free market. This discussion is how to work the government apparatus to ween our dependency on government. The discussion is about reducing dependency on the state.

I can see clearly how one could run a successful strategy to restore health freedom.

I've started ragging on conservatives because I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why conservatives so adamantly refuse to talk about health care.

The only explanation I've been able to come up with is that the GOP actually likes PPACA ... they simply want to be the one's holding the ring of power.

The Conservative Strategy is clearly failing.

So, what does one need to do to create a winnable strategy?

I think one might be able to create a winning strategy if a small group of people were to meet together to discuss these two questions:

What would a true market health care system look like?

and How do we get there from here?

Are these two questions too incredibly difficult? If you know any freedom loving group within a day's drive of Salt Lake (Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Cheyenne, Boise) who are have enough interest in preserving freedom to discuss these issues, I would be happy to put together a meeting. The discussion might last a whole afternoon! (Contact Form)

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