Friday, October 25, 2013

To the AFP in Nevada

The following is a letter to Americans for Prosperity of Nevada.

I believe that the way to beat PPACA (ObamaCare) is to create and discuss free market alternatives.

My goal for the last five years has been to either attend or host a meeting in which people were interested in free market health care reform.

If I attended a meeting, I would suggest that a group create a legal entity to explore free market health care reform. I registered the name "Health Care Advocates Association" as a DBA. The goal is to create a named entity that explores alternatives to PPACA.

I admit. My idea is a bit grandiose. I want a group to create a cleanly defined business model to stand as an alternative to PPACA. I believe that such an effort could help the freedom movement.

For example, because the GOP did not have compelling alternatives to ObamaCare on the table, they were forced into a humiliating capitulation after the government shutdown.

I do not pretend that I have all the answers. But I am certain that the path to finding the best answer starts with people meeting together to discuss about alternatives.

My audacious goal is to get a group of people together and to put a cleanly defined comprehensive alternative on the table.

I am not a pushy person. I've invested a great deal of time into developing arguments against socialized health care.

I put together a presentation that argues that the problem in health care is the result of group funding of individual consumption and that the solution is to restore the concept of self funded care.

The presentation looks at the mathematics of financing health care and is a bit involved. In the presentation I create a mathematical model of self funded health care. I then create a model of group funded care. I create a mechanism for measuring the effect of both systems and then put forward the argument that group funded care underserves the middle class and working poor.

I've timed this information packed presentation. It takes about an hour and it has to be this long. The presentation creates a model of self-funded care. It then creates a model of group funded care. It then compares the two.

Because the presentation has so much information, it is likely to be followed by an open discussion that takes several hours.

The presentation will include the action item which is simply for a group to create a well defined alternative to PPACA. The alternative to PPACA could be used by GOP to find alternatives to the current health care reform.

Personally, I fear that PPACA was designed to fail. It will either fail into full blown socialism or it will fail into a free market structure.

The direction of the failure will be determined by the side that has the best ideas on the table.

So, my goal is simply to get ideas on the table.

I believe that my presentation would fit the message of Americans for Prosperity. The presentation looks at the mathematics of health care and argues that a system base on individual ownership out performs a system based on group think.

I live in Utah. Nevada is a day's drive from Utah. My modest goal is simply to present an idea to a group of people for review. My original thought was a group of a dozen people.

At this point, I would be delighted to find a group of two to three people willing to spend an afternoon discussing ways to role back PPACA. The presentation requires either a whiteboard or a chalkboard. It could be held in an office conference room or living room.

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