Monday, October 7, 2013

The Timing of It All

Readers of this blog (all three of you) know that I have an obsession with meetings. For the last five years, my goal has been to attend (or host) a meeting in which people spoke about free market health care.

I am actually surprised that no-one is interested in this topic. But I accept that people are too busy to care about liberty.

PPACA is a bad law that forces people to buy insurance. The law officially kicked in on October 1st.

For the first time in five years, people were actually talking about the law.

I was delighted to see online chatter about issue at hand.

Just as discussion about the law was starting to have an impact, DC launched into this absurd government shutdown process.

All discussion about PPACA and the health exchanges stopped.

The health exchanges are being imposed at the state level. Shutting down the Federal Government neither slows nor stops the implementation of PPACA or the Health Exchanges.

Shutting down the government simply diverts attention from the exchanges and allows the administration to impose the exchanges without any scrutiny or discussion of alternatives.

I've followed the current health care debate from the start. My goal has been to find a small group willing to discuss the issue of health care. I've been turned back at every turn.

The first time in five years that I've seen people at large talking about the actual issue came to an inglorious end because of the government shutdown.

Because of the shutdown, it is unlikely that there will be an opening for a discussion about free market financing of health care for another two to four years.

Doesn't anyone else find the timing of this government shutdown suspect?

The government shutdown allows the government to impose the health exchanges with no public scrutiny or debate.

By shutting down discourse at this critical moment, the government shutdown accomplishes the exact opposite of what Republicans claimed to have supported.

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