Friday, July 28, 2017

An Open Source Project

The Senate's "Skinny Repeal" failed and it appears that the GOP's plan to Repeal and Replace PPACA has gone down in flames.

IMHO, the GOP's efforts failed because the GOP did not have a compelling alternative to PPACA.

The GOP did not have a compelling alternative to PPACA because conservatives have failed to discuss health care in detail.

For the last eight years I have contended that group of people could radically change the health care debate if they sat down and discussed health care.

An interesting way to start a conversation is to start an Open Source Project.

The current health care debate holds is premised on the idea that group health insurance is the only possible way to fund health care. If insurance is the only way to fund health care, then we must have a public policy to force people to buy insurance.

NOTE: Single payer health care is group insurance with a single provider. Single Payer is insurance made totalitarian.

I hold that the way to radically change the health care debate is to create an alternative to centralized insurance.

So, I propose launching an Open Source Project to create an alternative to insurance. I will tweet about the idea using the hashtag #OSHCR.

Insurance companies use intrusive centralized database to track health care. They use massive centralized pools to fund care.

These centralized databases and centralized pools lead to a concentration in wealth and power.

The Open Source Health Care Reform would use a distributed database and distributed pools to fund care.

The goal of the project isn't to create a single business. The goal is to create a network of small businesses. The project would create business models for these small businesses.

The project would create a new position called a "Health Care Advocate" to replace the insurance agents, medical transcriptionists and claims adjusters in insurance.

The Open Source Project is not just about writing computer code. The project will create new businesses.

Anyone who participates in the Open Source Project would be on the inside track to starting a business in a very lucrative field.

I have already thrown in several thousand hours into creating a market based alternative to insurance.

My analysis has shown that breaking up huge insurance pools into a distributed network would do several things. The program would restore the pricing mechanism in health care: Giving people more care for less. It would create a model that promotes maintaining health over the current model that just treats sickness. The program would create thousands of new businesses. The program would reduce the gap between rich and poor.

Above all, the program would be fun.

My claims aren't just pie in the sky. The claims are based on common sense.

Putting all of our health care dollars in centralized pools controlled by a ruling elite has the predictable effect of concentrating wealth.

This is basic common sense. If we put all of our health care dollars in centralized pools. The people who control these pools will get immensely wealthy while everyone sees the financial condition deteriorate.

Conversely, if we broke huge centralized pools into smaller accounts, we would see a more equitable distribution of wealth.

The really fun thing about an Open Source Project is that such a project would get people to talk about the foundations of health care.

The failure of the GOP to pass a Repeal and Replace bill shows that groups that fail to discuss health care will never be able to create a compelling health care reform plan.

Anyway, I will start tweeting using the hashtag #OSHCR (my apologies to the Occupational Safety and Health Registry of Ireland for taking your tag).

The goal of this Open Source Project is to reverse engineer a centralized health pool into smaller businesses and individual accounts.

The project would create a business model for a network of small businesses. It would create a distributed database to be hosted in the cloud and it would create a new profession called a Health Care Advocate.

I contend that this Open Source Project would have a positive affect on the debate and is likely to have a positive effect on the health care debate.

I will tweet with the hashtag OSHCR. If there is interest in the idea, I will run either an Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to have a meeting a publish a book about the effort.

Anyone interested in helping write a book would get title credit on the book.

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