Friday, July 28, 2017

The Constitution and Health Care

Republicans tend hold the separation of powers held by the US Constitution in high esteem.

The Constitution did not give the US Congress the powers to regulate health care.

I have a great deal of respect for traditional Republicans who balk at this process of writing a Federal Health Care bill.

The US Congress is not the correct venue for setting health care policy.

The problem we face right now is that the PPACA passed by the Democrats undermined the health care market and created an environment where insurance companies are collapsing under unreasonable regulations.

The PPACA created a regulatory environment where one cannot simply repeal PPACA because the insurance market would collapse after its repeal.

People are depending on their insurance companies for their health care.

The "Repeal and Replace" argument started with the realization that repealing would harm the American public.

Instead of spending the effort to develop a replacement. A large number of conservative candidates (including Donald Trump) began using "Repeal and Replace" as a slogan.

Conservative candidates ran on the slogan "Repeal and Replace" without taking the time to develop a replacement.

While I respect traditional candidates who simply want the Federal Government out of health care. I am livid with those candidates who campaigned on "Repeal and Replace" without taking the time to create a replacement. Campaigning on Repeal and Replace without a replacement in mind did a great deal of harm to our nation.

Of course, all is not lost. I still contend that if a group of people sat down and spoke about free market health care reform that that group could revolutionize the health care sector and restore our health freedom.

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