Friday, July 28, 2017

Bottoms Up to Health Care Reform

A primary reason that GOP failed with Repeal and Replace was that the GOP was trying fix health care from the top down.

A top down approach inevitably benefits the people at the top while depriving health care to the people on the bottom.

Real Health care is about our daily lives.

The best approach to health care reform is to start at the bottom and work up.

The great thing about open source design is that the open methodology allows for a bottom up approach.

The open source proposal is that a group of people get together to talk about free market health care reform. The group would start an open source project to create an alternative to group health insurance.

The plan would include the creation of a distributed database to hold health care data. It would also include the creation of a new business plan to fund health care.

The business model is a real business model with a real profit potential.

The Open Source Project would lead to a detailed discussion of the mathematics of funding health care.

The business model I propose requires a different set of regulations than insurance. The creation of this new business model ends up highlighting the problems created by ObamaCare, TrumpCare, RomneyCare and related efforts at health care reform.

I live in Salt Lake City. I am willing to travel, but I would need a guarantee that there would be people willing to dedicated several afternoons to the discussion of the health care before I travel.

Conclusion: The Open Source program that I propose would create a bottoms up approach to health care reform. Essentially the program creates a network of small businesses to take on big insurance. This bottoms up approach to health care reform would provide people with more and better care than the top down approaches to health care reform that come from Washington DC.

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