Monday, July 24, 2017

Fake Promise

Donald Trump loves to complain about "fake news."

As it turns out, Donald Trump did something far worse. Trump campaigned on the promise that he would "Repeal and Replace ObamaCare" when did not have a substantive plan for replacing the bill.

Of course, Trump was not the only conservative to use use the slogan "Repeal and Replace" without first engaging in a substantive debate about alternatives.

So, I decided to pen a few posts with the absurd hash tag #FakePromise on the horrible job that conservatives have done on the cause of advancing liberty.

Technically a "Fake Promise" is a promise that is not really a promise. A better word is "False Promise." A hash tag is like a trademark and does not need to make sense.

While my hashtag is absurd the issue of health care is serious.

Conservatives had eight years to work on a replacement for ObamaCare.

What happened during these years is that conservatives positioned themselves as champions of the free market while actively suppressing debates about free market reforms.

I know for a fact that conservatives actively suppress discussions of free market reform.

As you see, I have several thousand hours developing a framework for enacting free market reforms.

I gave this framework for discussing health care reform the campy name "The Medical Savings and Loan."

The Medical Savings and Loan is a model for funding health care that uses a combination of savings accounts, a loan reserve and a generously funded system of grants to fund health care.

I worked for a half decade in a state run insurance company writing programs to track claims and calculate insurance premiums. I discovered that the insurance model created predictable inequities and that the industry as a whole created a market that favored the extremely wealthy and upper middle class over the working poor and small business.

I created a mathematical model that replaced centralized insurance pools with a combination of savings accounts, a loan reserve and generously funded grants. The plan creates a new position called "The Health Care Advocate." The simulations I ran indicated that such a model would dramatically improve the health care of the working poor and small businesses.

I gave this model the campy name "The Medical Savings and Loan." The name is a reference to the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" in which George Bailey's Savings and Loan stands against big finance represented by the curmudgeon Henry Potter.

To contribute to the health care debate, I developed a presentation in which I develop the Medical Savings and Loan as a business model then argue that it serves people better than big insurance.

The presentation takes about two hours.

The presentation leads immediately to action items and possible ideas about enacting free market health care reform.

What consistently happens is that, when I bring this presentation to conservatives, they immediately shut down debate when I question big insurance.

Personally, I believe that the path I am following with the Medical Savings and Loan could lead directly to better health care legislation.

I understand that my belief is my belief. I understand that my beliefs might be wrong.

What I've discovered in these last three decades is that both progressives and conservatives systematically shut down debate when ideas are put forward.

Donald Trump's fake promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare was just one lie in a long string of lies put forward by conservatives to stifle debate.

So, I figured that, while Trump tries to push a corrupt health care plan on the nation, I would call Trump out as the liar that he is.

Trump campaigned on a fake promise that he had a great plan to replace PPACA, when he did not have such a plan. By pushing a fake promise, Trump contributed to an environment which suppressed the discussion of ideas. The result is that the GOP does not have a decent health care plan.

The American people are suffering because Donald Trump made a #FakePromise.

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