Thursday, July 27, 2017

Choking on Health Care

I am delighted that, after eight years of mindless posturing, conservatives have finally started to debate health care.

Unfortunately, the debate in the Senate simply shows that conservatives do not have a positive health care plan. The sad result is that the Republican Party is choking.

In the last eight years, conservatives had ample time to devise an alternative approach to health care.

Rather than taking the high road. Conservatives did nothing but posture on the issue while attacking their enemies.

Health care is the most important issue of our generation. Unfortunately, there is no way to develop a health care bill without discussing health care.

Right now, the Senate is having the most important debate of the Trump presidency.

What do conservatives do?

Since they are choking on health care. Conservatives return to their culture war playbook.

To divert attention from health care, President Trump issued a provocative tweet about transgendered members in the military. The Trump administration also issued a major initiative against MS13.

Once again, Conservatives show that they have no interest in delivering better health. Conservatives simply want to play culture war and divert attention from the most important debate.

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