Friday, June 8, 2012

The Advocate as a Life Coach

The goal of the Medical Savings and Loan is to replace group funded health care with self-funded health care.

To accomplish this goal, I must find a way to convey to people how much they should expect to spend on health care. Currently we spend a lot on health care. It's currently something like 18% of the GDP.

To publish this information, I transformed the insurance agent into a new position called the "Health Care Advocate."

The first job of the advocate is to help people set up a structured savings plan for health care. The advocates will want to show people the benefits of preventative medicine, good nutrition and fitness. When a person needs medical services, the advocates will help negotiate prices and will seek loans or grants on behalf of their clients.

An astute reader will notice that the Medical Savings and Loan is essentially a life coach.

In this plan, every worker will have a person who they can talk with about the direction of their life. The advocates are likely to talk about more than just health. People will probably talk with their advocate about setting and achieving career goals.

I hold the radical view that people are assets, and that businesses grow as they develop their employees. Companies that just leave their employees languishing in dead in jobs are wasting the world's most vital economic resource ... the human mind.

Creating a system of health care advocates will help put a system in place in which every employee has someone who is looking after their needs and making sure their needs are fulfilled and the employee is on a positive and productive path.

In my last post, I voiced displeasure with unions and collective bargaining. A union is a group that uses the needs of the workers to build a politically powerful group that makes the decisions for the members of the group.

Unions concentrate power in the center and inevitably turn into forces of oppression.

Unions and health insurance companies are surprisingly similar. Both systems use the needs of the workers to build immense power bases which centralize power and diminish the individual.

My displeasure with unions is not based on simple class warfare, but a strong belief that we can and should create services that provide better service for the individual than the union.

Unions exist because workers have unmet needs. We, as a society, should look to create services to assure that those needs are met.

I am thrilled that unions got a drubbing in the Wisconsin recall. But I am distraught that Conservatives simply refuse to talk about pro-market strategies to assure that workers' needs are met.

The current structure of our employee market leaves the needs of workers unattended. People feel like they are stuck and languishing.

We cannot thrive as a nation when the needs of so many people are left unmet.

The primary focus of the Medical Savings and Loan is health care, but the program does more than just simply helping people finance health care. The program gives people an advocate and these advocates will; work with people on a one to one basis to help them achieve career goals and live a positive productive life.

The American Experiment held the individual in high esteem. The modern theories of the Marxian tradition (Capitalism, Communism, Fascism, Unionism, Corporatism and, dare I say, pooled insurance) subjugate the individual to the collective.

We've been on this path of collectivization through public and private means for close to a century and it is not bringing us into a positive place.

To return to a free market, we need a proactive structure which replaces this centralization with a strong focus on creating healthy and productive individuals.

The goal of the Medical Savings and Loan is to deconstruct the large centralized power bases like insurance companies and unions. It then creates a new structure in which each precious individual in our society owns resources and has a life coach who helps people achieve their career and life goals.

By unleashing the power of the individual, a truly free market will help out society achieve our aspirations.

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