Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Splitting the Vote

My goal for the last several years has simply to find a group interested in discussing self-funded health as an alternative to insurance.

I believe that creating a viable mechanism for self-funded health care (as opposed to insurance) would pop a hole in the justification for ObamaCare.

I've been unable to find people willing to discuss this subject.

I happen to have a good set of arguments that Obama winning a split vote would be better for the freedom movement than eight years of a progressive Republican.

This presentation might be of interest to folks in the Libertarian Party who seek ways to convince independents to vote for a third party this year.

The cost for this presentation is that you would also let me give my talk on self-funded health care. I ran out of money; So, I would have to run a recreation oriented fund raiser to pay for my transportation and hotel room.

Most Libertarians will be voting Republican this year thinking that voting for the bad will avoid the worst. Gary Johnson could get a big boost if people understood that a split vote would be better for the freedom movement than another Big Government Republican Administration.

A group supporting Gary Johnson might like this offer. Here is my contact information. I live in Utah, but can travel. Colorado would be nice. I am technically a third generation Coloradan, and not really a Utahan. For that matter,

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