Saturday, June 23, 2012

The United HealthCare Way is the Wrong Way

The current version of the Health Savings Account was pioneer by massive health conglomerates like United Healthcare primarily for the benefits of massive health conglomerates.

Because the HSA+HDHP model was designed to the desires of big corporations and not for the needs of the people, the policies have the effect of underserving the people and turning people away from the free market.

I just read a page by someone campaigning against United Healthcare.

An HSA + High Deductible insurance is a plan that rewards policyholders who receive no preventative care.

Uh, err, uh ...

It is an absurd program.

Don't you see what's happening? A bad implementation of the Medical Savings concept destroys support for  free market health care reform.

Not only does the HSA + HDHP discourage people from seeking preventative health care, it dramatically increases health care expenses for people with health conditions. The HSA advocated by United Healthcare actually makes things worse for people with chronic conditions.

The really pathetic thing about the HSA+HDHP model is that it does nothing to restore the pricing mechanism in health care. The uncontrolled costs in health care are with the big ticket items, and not the small items.

With the HSA+HDHP, you might see some competition for small items, but that won't make a dent in the cost of the big ticket items or the overall cost of care. I can prove that the HSA/HDHC model of United HealthCare actually makes things worse.

By promoting a bad model for the HSA, the Bush Administration made health care worse.

If we want to restore the free market in health care, we must start from the ground up and build a free market system around the needs of the individual.

(I wrote a long rant on my frustration with Conservatives and their unwillingness to discuss real free market reform. I will publish that in a few moments. If you would like to engage in a discussion on Free Market reform, please contact me.

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