Thursday, June 28, 2012

Insurance is a Tax

The one good thing to come from the Supreme Court Ruling is that the ruling raises the fact that mandated third insurance is a privately collected and privately distributed tax.

Third party insurance has the same effect on the economy as a tax. Third party insurance breaks the pricing mechanism, and has pretty much all of the same negative affects on the economy as a government tax.

The fact that insurance acts like a tax was a primary theme of my Medical Savings and Loan presentation.

In the presentation, I created a system of self-funded care called the Medical Savings and Loan. In the MS&L people save for health care expenses and their savings becomes the primary funding source for medicine.

I then show how paying into an insurance pool has the exact same effect on household finances as a tax.

It really is a beautiful.

It is driving me mad that I can find no-one interested in discussing health care financing.

It is a fascinating topic. I approach the topic in a unique data driven fashion. My presentation shows conclusively that self-funded health care in a free market delivers more and better care than third party insurance or socialism.

If you are involved in a group that would like to discuss free market health care reform, please contact me.

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