Friday, March 2, 2012

A Chance to Make a Positive Impact

Like many Americans, I am deeply troubled with the direction of the health care debate.

This debate holds the false premise that health care must be funded by a third party. Progressives, on both the left and right, present their false dichotomy with the question: "Who should own your health care? Big Government or Big Business."

This is a false dichotomy. You own your body. You should own the health care resources associated with your body. There should not be a controlling third party between the doctor and patient.

I believe that the best path to restoring health freedom is to reject the false dichotomy and to start a new dialogue around the concept of self-funded health care.

I used to work writing programs for analyzing insurance claims and calculating premiums. All of the data I encountered suggested that the current insurance regime hurts the working poor and small business.

So, my goal for the last three years has been to find a group wanting to engage in a dialog about health freedom.

I live in Utah which was founded as a theocratic commune. The Conservatives in Utah want a communal body to own the health care of the collective. They just want to be the ones controlling the collective. They attack PPACA (ObamaCare) for being Federally controlled while imposing the same law on the people.

Governor Herbert, Governor Huntsman, Governor Leavitt and the LDS Church have all come out in favor of government controlled health exchanges; so long as they are the ones that control the exchanges. The two other most prominent Mormons (Harry Reid of Nevada, and Mitt Romney) also favor health care controlled through centralized government exchanges.

The progressives in Utah seek government controlled health care at the Federal Level.

With both sides of the debate favoring controlling healthcare through centralized government exchanges, people seeking an alternative are locked out of the debate.

End of Story.

I have found no groups in Utah interested in restoring our Constitutional Liberties.

So, I must travel. Last year, I spent my last dime traveling to Phoenix, Reno, Las Vegas and Denver looking for free market groups. Trying to make contacts while living in a hotel room is both hard and expensive.

I am ready and willing to hit the road again, but I need to organize meetings online before I leave.

I have one offer to visit San Diego. If I can arrange additional meetings in Arizona, I would hit the road.

My program includes an informative discussion about self-funded health care and a wellness related fund raiser.

My hope is to find a group that can organize a meeting with 10-50 attendees and that is willing to host the fundraiser (which is a relay walk). I am willing to give the group the funds I raise beyond my hotel room, a meal and gas.

There is a large number of groups pushing Health Savings Accounts as part of health care reform. None of the groups have gone as far as my program in claiming that health care should start with a fully structured savings program for self-funded care.

I believe that a group engaged in a conversation about self-funded health care could help turn the tide against government controlled care.

If I am correct, then this program is worth exploring. Unfortunately to get the ball rolling, I need someone to organize the initial meeting for me.

My program has two components: A meeting that takes about four hours in a room and a fitness fundraiser that could take place in a park. The program might make money for the group that hosts it.

I need someone who could get a room and guarantee at least twenty people on a set date and could reserve a place in a park for the fitness fundraiser. I will give the group a great deal of free advertising in return.

Here is my contact page. For the last three years, I've been trying to find a group to host this meeting. I believe that a meeting that rejects the false dichtomy of the Progressives and seeks to restore the concept of self-funded health care could make a difference.

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