Thursday, March 8, 2012

Officially Recognized Something

SouthernCharm asked me about The Medical Savings and Loan: "Do you have an official role in that, or are you a citizen just trying to be involved?"

I own the web sites promoting these ideas. But am the only person officially involved in the effort. I wish I could get others involved.

I worked for years writing computer programs to analyze insurance claims and calculate premiums. Every piece of data I could find said that health insurance dramatically under-serves middle and working class Americans. People would get better care if they self-funded their care; So, I left the industry with hopes of developing an alternative to insurance.

The alternative is the Medical Savings and Loan. This program uses a combination of savings accounts supplemented by loans to help people self fund care. It uses a system of grants to supplement care for people who cannot self-fund their care. The program does not involve any direct contracts for providing care. The program is administered by a new position called a Health Care Advocate. My program uses a different mathematical model than pooled insurance.

I've been looking for people interested in free market health care reform. The group would establish an organization dedicated to researching and promoting alternatives to pooled insurance.

I have one big disadvantage. I live in Utah, but am not LDS. This means that I am a pariah. Utah was established as a theocratic commune. The church that controls the state is set on using group funded health care to control the population and is fully dedicated to socializing medicine through "Health Exchanges"

All of the leading LDS politician all for socializing medicine via state run exchanges. Harry Reid (D-Nev), Mitt Romney (R-Mass), Gov Leavitt (R), Gov Huntsman (R), and Gov Herbert (R) have all played instrumental roles in using health exchanges to socialize health care.

I have been unable to find any local people willing to stand against the imposition of health exchanges.

So, I have to travel ... which is expense and difficult. I have little in the way of resources. I have a page full of ads. That's not going to put gas in a tank. I am ready to make a trip to Arizona and SoCal. I want to make sure I have at least two confirmed locations and dates before I hit the road.

Anyway, I guess the answer to SouthernCharm's question: I am really just a shrill voice whose been trying for decades to tell people that: "If you give up some of your freedom for security, you will soon end up with neither."

I will be stuck in this status until I find at least one person who agrees with the idea that we should explore the concept of self-funded health care.

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