Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There Still Is Hope

Progressives seek to impose socialism via Health Exchanges. (ObamaCare and RomneyCare are both Health Exchanges).

The Health Exchanges are premised on the false assumption that group pools (insurance) are the only possible way to fund health care.

The best way to beat this game is to create a mathematically viable alternative to insurance.

I've developed a mathematically viable alternative to Insurance called "The Medical Savings and Loan." The program uses a combination of savings accounts and loans to help people self fund care. With this program, I can argue that people would receive better care if we restored the concept of self funded health care.

This presentation attacks ObamaCare and RomneyCare at the false assumption (it's weekest point).

Sadly, during the Tea Party, people fell for the idea that simply supporting Republicans or people calling themselves "conservative" would defeat ObamaCare. I was unable to build interest in the direct root of attacking the false asumptions of the exchanges.

In the 2012 election, we find the Republican front runner (Mitt Romney) is a primary architect of health exchanges and that supposedly "conservative" states like Utah adopted the Exchanges without any debate or consideration of alternatives.

It is now clear that progressives in both the Republican and Democratic party seek to socialize medicine via health exchanges.

It is foolish to look to politicians for freedom. It is up to the American people to restore freedom.

It is still possible to beat the exchanges. All it takes is a group of people willing to invest time to investigate alternatives to insurance.

I would love to hit the road this summer to host meetings on alternatives to insurance.  Last year I spent all of my money traveling from state to state trying to find people willing to discuss alternatives to insurance.

I will only repeat the effort if I can find people willng to host a local meeting on Health Freedom.

I live in Utah. I have one good lead in San Diego.  That is a 1500 mile trip. I get 30  MPG. I would need 50 gallons of gas and an oil change. The trip would cost me $250 plus any hotels and food along the way. My guess is the trip would cost $500 to $1000.

If I could find places to hold meetings in Arizona or Los Vegas as well, then the trip might be worth the effort.

The problem is, I need someone else to host the meetings. I would be delighted to get a half dozen people in a room who are interested in health care reform. Here is my contact page.

Here is a page full of ads that support this effort.

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