Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stand Up For Freedom Rally

I took pictures at the poorly attended Stand Up for Freedom Rally in Salt Lake. This event marked the second anniversary of PPACA. In a state where people wear their religion on their sleaves, one would expect thousands at the rally.

Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally
Speaking at the Event
Crowd at the Rally

I admit, I had really hoped that the rally would provide an opportunity to network and maybe find someone interested in developing the concept of "self-funded" health care as an alternative to insurance. I believe that, simply developing an accepted alternative to insurance, could help break the arguments for health exchanges.

I lament that in the last three years, I've yet to find a single Utahan who is willing to talk about this issue. The LDS Church invests heavily in the theme that they are persescuted for their religious beliefs, but Mormons fail to stand up for others when the Federal Government is imposing mandates that violate basic teachings of other religious groups.

It's been two years since the passing of PPACA. I've yet to find a single Utahan interested in talking about free market alternatives to insurance. This is an issue that is supposed to resonate in the "most conservative" state. The only thing I've been able to conclude from my experience is that Conservatism is too partisan and too closed minded to stand up the the challenge. Closed minded conservatives are as much as danger to this nation as the conniving progressive.

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