Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stumping for Ron Paul

Although Ron Paul is closer to my views on health care than other candidates, I have not been stumping for the good doctor.

His health care policies are slightly better than other candidates, but they fall short. Dr. Paul seeks to deregulate insurance when we really need an alternative to insurance.

Doctor Paul fails to understand that insurance was created by progressives for the express purpose of regulating health care.

Medicine involves irregular expenditures. Progressives created insurance to regulate these expenses. With insurance, you pay regular premiums into a pool, in exchange you are legally entitled to get health care in times of need.

Insurance involves the state from the beginning. Every transaction in insurance is a legal claim overseen by the local courts. Ron Paul wants people to buy insurance across state lines. Such policies confuse jurisdiction. If I lived in Colorado and bought Arizona insurance, I am essentially trying to buy the rulings of a different legal jurisdiction. Buying insurance across state lines can't work becaause every transaction is a legal claim.

The only way to restore health freedom is to create a self-funded alternative to group insurance.

This is something that the people could do without a government program. All it takes is a group of people who are interested in restoring freedom gathered in a room. Sadly, Ron Paul fails to understand the nature of insurance. Seeking to deregulate a regulator leads to chaos.

Other policies fall short as well: I absolutely adore Ron Paul's stance against the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is not a government agency. It is a private bank that serves the Federal Government.

Although I love Paul's campaign to end the Fed, it doesn't go far enough in addressing the artificial markets created by our progressive overlords. For example, the central exchanges of Wall Street (NYSE & NASDAQ) were created by progressives to regulate the ownership of production. Deep Capture argues about how these agencies are controlled by groups that do not respect the property rights of others.

I did not support Paul's run for president because I worry that he would pass ineffective deregulations that led to chaos allowing for an even worse government to replace him.

That said, Ron Paul's run for office is the best thing the Republicans have going at the moment.

2012 Delegate Tracker
as of 3/14/2012
After the Mississippi and Alabama primaries, Newt Gingrich made the salient point that if Mitt Romney fails to get the magic 1144 delegates, the Republican party will be forced into internal discussions and negotiations.

Although Ron Paul's ideas fall short of perfection, they are the best that the Republicans have going.

Neither Newt nor Santorum are on track to getting the nomination. So the best possible thing that can happend in the Republican primary is for Ron Paul to get more delegates so that Libertarian ideas are firmly on the table during the negotiations.

Of course, the restoration of health freedom will not come from the government, it can only happen if the people demand free market alternatives to employer based insurance.

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